Three Great Core exercises

Today’s post is going to be real short I am including three core exercises that I have been implementing into my clients workouts. The core main purpose is to provide stability/support to allow your limbs to move and produce force. When there is weakness in the core(Obliques, Rectus Abdominis, Transverse abdominis, Thoracic Diaphragm, and pelvis floor) there can be a lack of performance and/or Injury over time.  Try these three exercises in your next workout.

Pallof Walkout 
Arms Straight
Back in neutral position
athletic stance
Keep Hands in the middle of the body.

Plank Drops 
Hips are Tuck and Low back is Flattened
Keep hips level with shoulders
Drop quick then explode back up


Adductor Plank 
Place Top leg on bench or box
Big Chest Shoulder blades together
Raise hips and hold for set time


How to Develop Power

In the industry of athletics the ability to produce power is a mysterious topic. Helping an athlete improve their ability to produce force will help them become more athletic. The pathway to produce power is still not clear. There are many different options for a coach to train their athletes and get similar results. Underneath all these special ways of training athletes there are some principles that they all share.

Maximum Intent 
In order to develop power the athlete must have the mindset to perform repetitions of an exercise as fast as possible. Power = Mass x Velocity.  For any type mass or force you want to try to produce the highest Velocity possible. No depending on the load being used for the exercise the speed will differ greatly. Lighter loads will move faster than lighter loads. The load doesn’t matter because if you are moving light loads slowly the amount of power will not be great. The goal is to try to move weight as fast as possible.

Keep Reps Low
To train for power you should not have sets with more than 5 reps. After the 3rd rep in the set speed tends to drop due to fatigue. If a coach says they are working on power development and reps are greater than 5 in a set. That is not power development. That is either strength work or endurance. Lets look at it from a running perspective. If someone asked you to sprint 40 meters you could sprint the entire distance with problem. Now if the same person asked you to maintain the same speed over a mile. You would give them a crazy look. As distance, Repetitions, or time increases for an exercise the ability to produce power/maintain speed  drops dramatically.  Power should be trained in short burst. Think Quality over Quantity

Lots of Variety
Power should be trained with a variety of different exercises and loads. Based on the force-velocity curve training one aspect of power could lead to deficiencies in other aspects. Using heavy loads or light implements to produce force can be very beneficial to improving the athlete overall. The French Contrast method is a favorite of mine to implement. The French Contrast method is when you pair a Strength-Speed exercise with a lighter weight plyometric exercise.(Example Back Squat @ 75-85% of 1 Rep Max and Box Jumps or assisted Jumps Squats).


Longer Periods of Rest
When trying to build strength and Power you will need longer periods of rest. Allowing the body to replace ATP and Creatine Phosphate will greatly improve you training sessions. Giving your athletes 2-3 mins between sets will insure that they are moving weight with maximum intent. Without adequate rest the body will not produce maximum force. To get faster you must make sure that every reps is the best rep possible.





Exercises to improve shoulder health

For great shoulder health it is very important that the shoulders are mobile and strong through full range of motion. The shoulders are the most mobile joint in the body. They are capable of extension, flexion, rotation adduction, abduction, and circumduction. Since the shoulders are very mobile and very dependent on other joints of the body. It is best to stretch and strengthen the shoulders in as many ranges as possible. Below is a list of my favorite shoulder stretches and exercises to help keep my shoulders healthy.

Band/Broomstick Pass through 
Grab a resistance band or broomstick and perform this exercise to help improve range of motion of the shoulders.
2 x 15-20


Band pull apart 
Keep shoulders down pull the band  apart but make sure to keep you elbows straight and squeeze your shoulder blades together  when you finish the movement
2 x 20

Scapular Push-ups 
Get in to a push-up position on the ground. Keep the elbows locked and make sure to only move through you shoulders pushing them into the ground and allow your body to drop between the shoulders.
2 x 15-20

Child Pose with Lat Stretch
Try to walk you hands up as far as you can and get a good stretch in the lats. Then walk your hands to one side to get a better stretch.
2 x 30 seconds each


Thoracic Extension with a Foam roller 
Grab a foam roller and a weight and you will bridge over top the foam roller using the weight as an anchor.

Progression 2 

Scapular Depression
You will need either a bar to hang from or a lat pull down machine. The goal is to help recruit lower trapezius and lats. Arms stay straight and from their pull your shoulders down. you will only move about an inch or two that is fine.
2 x 15

Performing these exercise will help improve your shoulder health but it will take consistency to see results. Stick with it gang


Workout Blog

Early 5 am workout with the group

Dynamic Warm up
CNS activation
Plank Work

A.) E.M.O.M x 10
DB Complex
Hang Squat Clean
Push Press
Go through series  twice within the minute

B.) 10 DB Step-ups x 10ea
12 Reverse Flys

C.) 5 Plyo Step up x 5ea
12 OH Band Tricep Extensions

D.)  100 Sit-ups

Workout Data Dec 17 th 2015

Workout Blog Dec 14th 2015


2015-12-14 07.54.17

Time completed 15:56 felt like I was going to pass out

*For the workout Hurdle hops over and back count as 1 rep

Workout Data Dec 14th 2015

My go to mobility exercises

When I have days in which I move like the Tin man I have some go to mobility drills to help put my body back into proper alignment.

TRX Chest stretch
Move your arms up and down searching for really tight areas of the chest and anterior deltoids

Couch Stretch
Great Stretch for the Quads try to hold between 1-2 minutes on each side

Banded Hamstring Mobility:
Try to perform 12- 15 reps per side.

Lateral Chain Stretch 
This can also be done on a stability ball hold the stretch for 1-2 minutes

Rocking Groing Stretch:
Grab a kettle bell or dumbbell and gently rock back and forth to help stretch the groin. 12-15 reps a side.

External Rotation of Shoulder
Try to hold for 1-2 minutes.

Thoracic spine extension
By dropping your hips down after you get set-up you can control how much tension you want. If you are unable to get the weight to the floor that is fine. 12-20 reps

Workout Blog Dec 7th

TGIM another great day time to put in some work. here was my workout for today. Hope you have a great workout as well

6 mins Foam roll 
Back, Glutes, Hamstrings, Calfs, Quads, IT Band

4 mins static Stretching ( 30 secs each)
Hip Flexors, Hamstrings, Groin, Glutes

4 mins Dynamic Stretching (15yds each)
Knee hugs/Quad stretch, Lateral Lungs, Elbow to in-step,
High knees, Butt kicks, B-Skips, Side shuffle, Run.

C2 Concept rower
1 min work/ 1 min active rest x 10
The goal was to stay under 1:45 pace while working and light pressure when resting but keep moving total meters cover 4590m

3 min rest then jumped into 12 noon session

4 rounds
Hang clean x 8 @ 135lbs
Box Jump x 5
Ankle mobility after 4th set

4 rounds
Sumo Deadlift High Pull x 8 @ 135lbs
Hand Stand Holds 15 secs

4 Rounds
Pendlay row x 10 @ 135lbs
Crater slams x 16

Ab series 
30 Leg raises
30 Reach ups
15 ea Side plank twist
30 Plank Jacks
1 min plank

Workout Data Dec 7th 2015


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